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The Teen Group

A Social & Emotional Learning Group for Teens

*We are now collecting names for our Fall 2018 Teen Group*

On the surface, it may appear that teens don't have to deal with heavy issues like adults do. But we have found the reality to be quite the opposite: teens wrestle with a variety of stressors just like their adult counterparts, often resulting in anxiety, isolation, or depression.

If you have ever been a teenager, raised a teenager, or even come into contact with a teenager, you know that teen behavior can be unpredictable. From slamming doors to retreating into their own personal world, it seems like it only takes one wrong word to trigger a teen meltdown.  So why exactly are teens so stressed? And what can we do to help them?

Several studies have proven that positive relationships between teens, family, and other members of their community contributes to a teen’s overall happiness as well as their brain’s positive development. That’s why it is so important to foster these relationships in a safe and nonjudgmental environment. We use a combination of evidence-based therapies, creative arts, mindfulness, and lifestyle management to empower teens in their everyday lives.

"The Teen Group has helped me mature and mentally improve in several ways. It is better than any one-on-one therapy sessions; hearing peers’ opinions and experiences is very comforting. The atmosphere and respect level allows me to open up without feeling judged." 

- Morgan, Teen Group Member


We will be covering the following topics (& more!):

  • Conscious communication
  • Mindfulness training
  • Managing negative thoughts
  • Relationship skills
  • Coping skills
  • Anxiety/stress reduction
  • Decision making
  • Emotional literacy


For more information or to schedule a consultation, please e-mail [email protected] or call (908) 431-5254