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Integrative Counseling Groups

At Princeton Group Support Center (PGSC),  we offer an evidenced based program that incorporates cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, and mindfulness based approaches to group support therapy. Since no approach has all the answers, and most approaches offer something of value, we feel that by taking an eclectic approach – that is, taking the best practices from the many proven approaches available - we can offer our participants the most valuable techniques available including skill building, problem solving, cognitive restructuring, support, insight, and stress management training all within the same group.

There are a spots available in our current integrative counseling groups. For more information, call us directly at 908-431-5254. Learn how to get started HERE!


The PGSC Approach:
Evidenced Based Counseling
(CBT, DBT, Interpersonal, Psychodynamic and Other Techniques)
Lifestyle Management
(The Happiness Factors)
Mindfulness Training
Stress Management 
All in a small and safe group setting facilitated by licensed professional therapists.


  • Manage and reduce anxiety
  • Change unproductive past and present behaviors
  • Change negative thought patterns
  • Become more patient, accepting, and compassionate toward yourself and others
  • Develop intimate connections
  • Reduce feelings of anger and isolation
  • Develop achievable lifestyle goals (The Happiness Factors) and learn how to overcome obstacles to achieving them
  • Develop a mindfulness meditation practice

Groups are limited to 8 people and are covered by most insurances!



Group Leader: Charles Leighton, LCSW, CGP, CYT, Founder and Director of the Princeton Group Support Center

Charles Leighton is a licensed Clinical Social Worker, Psychoterapist, Certified Group Psychotherapist, Certified Yoga teacher, and Mindfulness instructor. He has been in private practive for 21 years in Skillman, New Jersey. For the last 20 years, Charles Leighton practiced at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City where he was the founder and director of "The Heart Group," a therapy and lifestyle change program for people with heart disease recently featured in the PBS documentary THE MYSTERIOUS HUMAN HEART. Leighton has lectured nationally on mental illness and stress, and has been a health consultant to The New York Times, New York Hospital, Gilda's Club, and Smith Center for the Healing Arts in Washington, DC. In addition to helping clients resolve their particular presenting problems, he is committed to fostering lifestyle changes and skills that are essential for achieving lasting happiness. 




For more information or to schedule a consultation please e-mail info@princetongroupsupportcenter.com or call 908-431-5254.